Catch SEAT shorts on the big screen at Local Sightings

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Sep 252012

The Local Sightings Film Festival is the best film festival in Seattle – at least according to the Seattle Weekly. And yes, it’s hosted by the NW Film Forum, and yes, I (Tess Martin) been volunteering in their office for the past two years. But still, this festival rocks, and I’m super happy that two of my recent shorts are screening in the Experimental Shorts program. It’s on Tuesday, October 2nd at 9PM.
The two shorts screening are The Whale Story, created with the help of around 20 volunteers in Cal Anderson Park, just a few blocks away from the NW Film Forum. The other film is Hula Hoop, a 1.5 minute short originally conceived as part of a collective film by the Seattle Experimental Animation Team, which also rocks. Both are great to see on the big screen – The Whale Story because the whale looks really BIG, and Hula Hoop because the sand looks really TINY.

Another pretty awesome short from a SEAT animator is Britta Johnson’s video for Laura Veirs’ song ‘King Kong Kitchie Kitchi Ki Me O‘, also playing in the Experimental Shorts program on Tuesday the 2nd.

And when you arrive at the NW Film Forum, look up! You will see an installation of animation projected onto kites! This is an iteration of Flying Cinema, an ambitious SEAT project spearheaded by Webster Crowell. And if you like animation, you must of course also attend SEAT animator Drew Christie’s program he has all to himself, The Drew Christie Show, this Saturday, Sept 29th at 9PM.

Goodbye Whale!

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Jul 162012

Today I (Tess Martin) went to visit my whale mural to say goodbye – she will be painted over this weekend for a fellow animator’s project. It’s nice that the whole nine months she’s been up the only graffiti we’ve suffered is this super cute tag of another whale! For those of you curious about what this was about, this mural was the canvas for a film I made called The Whale Story. You can watch the film and the timelapse of the shoot here. Come by the wall this weekend for a peek at Webster Crowell’s project. The wall is located near the cone fountain in Cal Anderson Park.

Whale Story nearing completion

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Jan 022012

From Tess Martin: Check out these snapshots of my animation stand today – the waves are part of the credits for the film I’m working on, The Whale Story. It’s almost finished and I’ll be screening what I have at the Capitol Hill Art Walk on January 12th. More on that soon. The bulk of this film was shot with the help of SEAT in Cal Anderson Park as part of the Wallrus project.

Whale Story continues in Cal Anderson Park

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Dec 082011


Tess Martin freeing the whale, one frame at a time

Thanks to DK Pan for taking these shots!

Work continues on the SEAT wall as animator Tess Martin shoots some close-ups scenes for her project the Whale Story.
Actor (performer/curator/free man) DK Pan took these shots in between posing for close-ups. In this scene the fisherman is cutting the line that will unravel the tangle of nets.

Animation continues on Whale Story

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Dec 062011

New painting - close-up of the whale's eye

The sign identifying Tess' live animation project

Animator Tess Martin today spent time at the Wallrus wall (the portion of the Sound Transit red wall assigned to SEAT) and animated a short close-up shot for her current project The Whale Story. This is a segment of a larger film and tells the story of a whale being freed from fishing nets. If you’re curious, pass by the wall (in Seattle’s Cal Anderson Park near the cone fountain) Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon for more live animation.

The Whale Story

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Nov 252011

A fisherman experiences a moment of connection with a female humpback whale in the waters off of San Francisco. Is this an example of inter-species communication or a mysterious fluke? This true story is retold in paint on a 16 foot high wall with the help of the passing public in Seattle’s Cal Anderson Park. Watch the timelapse here:

Directed and Animated by:
Tess Martin

Additional Animators:
Webster Crowell
Stefan Gruber
Britta Johnson
Amanda Moore

DK Pan

Music & Audio:
Spencer Thun

Jenny Asarnow
Alec Deason
Emily Eagle
Marc Hobbs
Ilana Holmes
Britt Madsen
Tristan Parker
Anthony Sonnenberg

Katie Durant-Storey
Alma Khasawnih
Shannon MacIntyre
Britt Madsen
Doug Mora
Houria Rollosson
Venus Volante

This story was originally heard in the
Radiolab podcast ‘Animal Minds’
and was animated primarily
over one weekend in
Seattle’s Cal Andersen Park

Made Possible by:
Sound Transit

Whale Story Timelapse video

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Nov 182011

Check out this timelapse video of the Whale Story being animated on a 16ft high wall in Cal Anderson Park! Many people helped and some even got recorded re-telling the RadioLab story on which this film is based. To listen to the original RadioLab story, find the ‘Animal Minds’ podcast.

The Whale Story wall video at Art Walk on Thursday

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Nov 092011

Tess Martin directs actor DK Pan as fellow animators wait their turn

For those of you that stopped by the animator’s wall (Wallrus) the weekend of Oct 1 & 2, you may have noticed a bunch of crazy people animating giant murals. The story, about a whale being freed from fishing nets, is part of Tess Martin’s film about animal-human relationships. I still need to reshoot some scenes, so the segment is not completed yet, but you will be able to see the work-in-progress, starring actor/artist DK Pan, at the Capitol Hill Art Walk this Thursday, 5:30PM-8:30PM (at the Green Door studio, 1520 11th Ave, above Purr). Come by and check it out!

Note I will only be there until 8:30PM, so if you want to catch it, come early.

Wallrus 3 – sample timelapse

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Oct 032011

Here is a sample of timelapse photos take during the Seattle Experimental Animation Team’s Wallrus project on October 1st & 2nd 2011. Led by Tess Martin, the group animated a story from RadioLab. Those three second were probably 2 hours of work! Photos taken by Doug Mora. Thanks Doug! More coming shortly!

WALLRUS – Live Animation event on Local Sightings calendar!

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Sep 212011

The Live Animation by SEAT event on Oct 1 & 2 is up on the Local Sightings calendar! It’s free and will happen in Cal Anderson Park, near the fountain and the 10th & Denny entrance. Come on by!

Also check out our Facebook event.