WALLRUS 2.0 Underway

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Mar 162011

Check out this nice write up in the KOMO Capitol Hill blog about SEAT-er Amanda Moore’s new animated work on the big red wall:

“Moore said she and her friends were able to install the entire backdrop, a mock Seattle Times front page, in one day. She said the wind was howling and the rain was coming down sideways for most of the work, but everything went as planned.”

Darn right the rain was sideways! My umbrella was shredded.

WALLRUS is coming to get you!

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Mar 052011

Check out the new poster designed by Amanda Moore for the kick-off event on March 10th at the Wallrus wall! It’s going to be awesome!

Also, be sure to check out the recent KOMO news article/blog about our Wallrus project, including animator Clyde Petersen’s video that was partially animated on the wall in chalk:

“Unlike a mural, which is painted and then remains static, the animation project is constantly changing. The first artist to take a crack at Wallrus was Clyde Petersen, who used the space to create a giant chalkboard animation. The animation came together slowly, frame by frame, until Petersen had an entire film completed, which he recently released as a music video for the Portland band The Thermals.

Amanda Moore will take over the space next week to create an animated title sequence for her own ambitious project, “The Open Town.” Using characters such as a contortionist, a disgraced police chief and a vaudeville tycoon, Moore will create her own story about the city’s turbulent past.”

And finally, keep an eye on Amanda’s website, where she posts updates on her Wallrus stint, including this picture of a giant cut-out puppet that will be animated on the 10th!

Wallrus Take 2

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Feb 272011

The SEAT wall in Cal Anderson Park is about to get animated! Check out the press release below. You’ll notice that the kick off coincides with animator Tess Martin’s Gallery reception at ArtsWest in West Seattle (of course the West Seattle and Capitol Hill art walks have to be on the same Thursday!), but whatever you choose to do the gallery show will be up until April 26th, and there will be periodic opportunities to watch animation on the wall as well:

Wallrus, an animated wall project lasting four years and involving 8 animators, continues in its second installment, on Thursday, March 10th, 2011 in Seattle’s Cal Anderson Park. Local animator and SEAT member Amanda Moore will create large scale animations detailing Seattle’s storied and turbulent history destined for a short film titled ‘The Open Town’.

SEAT (Seattle Experimental Animation Team) in conjunction with Sound Transit, and with support from the NW Film Forum presents: Wallrus – An eight part collaborative mural/animation created over four years on the surface of a construction barrier in Seattle’s Cal Anderson Park. Seven animators and one school group collaborating over time will take over part of the huge plywood wall around the Capitol Hill Light Rail construction.

Amanda Moore will begin her work on the wall at 6PM during the Capitol Hill art walk on March 10th, 2011. The spectacle is free and open to the public and will include a vaudeville showman, old time music and a Seattle artist at work. During her 6 month tenure on the wall, Amanda will be re-imagining flamboyant characters from Seattle’s turbulent past. A
contortionist, a disgraced police chief, and a vaudeville tycoon will be just a few of the characters appearing in the bigger than life spectacle.

Amanda Moore has lived in many different places but she finds the most inspiration in Seattle. Her fascination with local history informs much of the artwork Amanda has created over the past five years. She divides her time between graphic design, animation, and working at a board game invention studio.
Forthcoming and previous animators include: Webster Crowell, Britta Johnson, Sarah Jane Lapp, Tess Martin, Clyde Petersen and Coyote central.