Feb 162015

The Seattle Experimental Animation Team has been working really hard that last few days on our new gallery show at the Archer Gallery in Clark College in Vancouver, WA, outside Portland, OR. The show is called Sequestered Together: The Dangerous and Lonely World of Animation and the opening is tomorrow, February 17th!

The show is an elaborate collection of short films, music videos, giant spinnable zoetropes and making-of detritus (still frames from drawn animations, puppets, sketches, etc.) from Seattle animators. Represented animators are: Clyde Petersen, Stefan Gruber, Britta Johnson, Webster Crowell, Neely Goniodsky, Ian Obermuller, Devin Ensz, Komari Ichimasu, Joe Garber, Salise Hughes, Sarah Jane Lapp, Chris Looney and Tess Martin.

The opening is Tuesday, February 17th, 5PM-8PM and at 5:30PM a guided walk by some of the animators will take place. The show is up until March 14th! Here is the Facebook event. What a great opportunity for the Portland area animators to mingle with the Seattle animators!

And check out this post from the Phoenix, the Clark College Literary & Art Journal, about the show.


Feb 132015

Back in April 2013 we premiered our second collective film at Zeitgeist Coffee in Pioneer Square – this one was based on the 1960 Little Shop of Horrors! It’s finally made its way online. Enjoy this animated re-interpretation by, in order: Eric Ostrowski, Tess Martin, Charlie Daugherty, Timothy Firth, Tim Miller, Stefan Gruber & Aaron Wendel, Clyde Petersen and Salise Hughes.

The Little Shop of Animated Horrors from SEAT on Vimeo.

Nov 132014

SEAT will be at Short Run this Saturday, November 15th!

Short Run 2014!

Washington Hall
153 14th Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98122



The breathtaking Washington Hall will be filled with a book fair highlighting nearly 200 writers and artists. The first 50 attendees through the door at 11:00 AM will receive a FREE swag bag valued at $40, so don’t be late! Look for the SEAT Castle Fort where you can chill out and watch animations all day long, when you need a break from looking at amazing zines, comics and books! 

Aug 092014
One of the SEAT Zoetropes at the 4Culture Gallery in March 2014.

One of the SEAT Zoetropes at the 4Culture Gallery in March 2014.

If you missed the opportunity to spin one of SEAT‘s home made zoetropes during our 4Culture Gallery show this past March, or if you just want to do it again, you’re in luck! Stop by the NW Film Forum during August’s Capitol Hill Art Walk on Thursday, August 14th and you will find one in the lobby.

The zoetrope will definitely be there between 6 and 8PM, and maybe even a bit later into the night. If you need more convincing to stop by, check out this documentation video from the March show where people gleefully spin them.

Mar 072014

Come down to Gallery 4Culture to experience SEAT & SPIN, the latest in group work from the Seattle Experimental Animation Team. Three giant zoetropes built by Webster Crowell fill the room with mystery and shadows. Inside, you will find 12 short films by local animators.

The show is up through March 2014. Pack a lunch, bring your kids. It’s all-ages and you can touch all the art. Enjoy!

Gallery 4Culture
101 Prefontaine Pl S   
Seattle, WA 98104
M – F  8:30-5:00

Feb 092014

The Seattle Experimental Animation Team will be opening a show at the Gallery4Culture on Thursday, March 6, 2014, and it will then be open the rest of the month. SEAT & Spin will feature Zoetropes, early cameraless animation toys, with loops designed by SEAT animators.
The opening will coincide with Pioneer Square’s First Thursday Art Walk, so come on by and check it out!
And here is the awesome flier designed by animator Stefan Gruber.

S&S_Lores poster


Sep 212013


Audrey 2: The Little Shop of Horrors Install at NWFF for Local Sightings

Audrey 2: The Little Shop of Horrors Install at NWFF for Local Sightings



The Seattle Experimental Animation Team presents Bloodbath & Beyond: The Little Shop of Animated Horrors. This SEAT collective film, based on the 1960 film The Little Shop of Horrors retells the classic tale of a plant that came from outer space and got a taste for blood.

For this collective film, SEAT split the original film into sections and approached the project in the classic style of the game “exquisite corpse.” Each animator took a 9 minute segment of the film and condensed it into 1 or 2 minutes of animation.

This film will be screening in an installation, in the lobby of the Film Forum, during opening night of Local Sightings. Do you dare to stick your head inside the Audrey 2 and enjoy the sights!?

Find out more about Local Sightings!

May 212013

The Seattle Experimental Animation Team invaded Portland last night with their Bloodbath & Beyond: The Little Shop of Animated Horrors. The event was held at Valentines, a lovely venue with high ceilings and outdoor tables. The animators set up three projections, one on the bar’s main window, and two on their big white walls, showing the SEAT collective film based on the 1960 film The Little Shop of Horrors as well as a reel of other animated clips from SEAT members.

It was a balmy evening and people mingled inside and outside. It was a great night, and a lovely anchor between the NW Animation Festival from last week, and the Experimental Film Festival this week. If you’re still in Portland, be sure to check out the EFF screenings, at least two SEAT members have films in them!




Apr 192013
Poster by Stefan Gruber

Poster by Stefan Gruber

The Seattle Experimental Animation Team is bringing their latest collective film and social screening to Portland! You may have attended the Seattle celebration on April 4th where we premiered The Little Shop of Animated Horrors, our latest collective film based on the 1960 film The Little Shop of Horrors.  Well, we’re happy to bring the show on the road to Portland as part of both the NW Animation Festival and the Experimental Film Festival:

Monday, May 20,2013 8:00PM - FREE
SW Ankeny St, Portland, OR 97204

Starting from 8PM, Valentine’s will be sparkling with multiple projections on windows, walls and a Flying Cinema kite, displaying clips from recent animated shorts as well as a specially created collective film based on the 1960 film The Little Shop of Horrors: eight Seattle animators reinterpreted a segment of the movie to create an 11 minute ‘exquisite corpse’ style animated film. This event is free and open to the public and the Seattle Experimental Animation Team will be in attendance.

Email info@experimentalanimation.org for a full press release.