Oct 272015


Comics and animation go together like peanut butter & jelly, am I right or am I right. Which is why SEAT has always had an animation tent at the SHORT RUN Comix & Arts Festival. We are going to have a mixture of animations from SEAT members, SHORT RUN exhibitors and an excerpt from Bruce Bickford’s Cas’l, plus Jim Woodring’s 3D slides, about 80 minutes of visual delights! We also have a late additional to the program, a collection of visual poetries called WRIT LARGE curated by FICTILIS, that runs about 30 minutes. Did I mention the festival is free!


11 AM : SEAT Members’ Shorts

NOON : Exhibitors’ Shorts

12:30 : WRIT LARGE

1:00 : Bruce Bickford’s CAS’L’ (6 min. excerpt)

1:30 : Jim Woodring’s 3D Slides

2:00 : SEAT Members’ Shorts

3:00 : Exhibitors’ Shorts


4:00 : Bruce Bickford’s CAS’L’ (6 min. excerpt)

4:30 : Jim Woodring’s 3D Slides

5:00 : SEAT Members’ Shorts

5:30 : Coldbrew Collective’s Horror Film Video-Mix

We will see you there.

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