Jul 312015

Boundary Crossings_8-7-15
Boundary Crossings is a two-week intensive animation course that happens every summer at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland. It’s aimed at working professionals and graduate and under-graduate students interested in a hands-on exploration of animated installation as a medium and a site for investigation of moving image interdisciplinary practice.

This year’s closing exhibition will be on August 7th, one night only!

Identity and Space: No Road Map

PNCA Mediatheque  511 NW Broadway
Friday August 7, 2015  6:30pm

“Space and time are at the heart of animation. With the proliferation of digital technologies animation expands from the notion of 2-D screen and increasingly impacts public spaces and events – malls, bars, galleries, architecture and live performance.  Space can be, as this workshop proposes, a starting point, inspiring a reflection on issues of private and public from the sphere of the personal ideas of place and community.

Boundary Crossings 2015 concludes on Friday August 7th with a showcase of animated installations created over the two week institute.”

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