Mar 112015

The NW Film Forum on Capitol Hill has always had interesting programming, but more so recently with all the animation stuff they’ve been bringing in! Here are some cool looking things you might want to check out:

First and foremost is the grandmaster of indie animation himself, Bill Plympton will be visiting and giving a workshop on April 15th called Being An Indie Artist. He will also be screening his newest independently produced feature film Cheatin’ April 15-21. Not to be missed!

Cheatin’ Trailer from Bill Plympton on Vimeo.

The cinema is also showing The King and the Mocking Bird, a recently re-released French animated feature from 1979. This film has a crazy history akin to Roger Williams’ The Thief and the Cobbler, what with it being started originally in 1947, but not finished for three more decades. This is screening March 19-23. That’s next week!

Kelly Sears is a Denver, CO based filmmaker who specializes in collage animation and plays with documentary, recycled cinema and critical fiction. She is giving a workshop on April 19th called Get Up and Stop Down, where participants will help make animated segments that will eventually be combined with the clips made by the workshop in Portland that Kelly is leading on this same trip, resulting in a collaborative film. Sounds cool! A retrospective of her work is also screening that day at 4:30PM.

Once It Started It Could Not End Otherwise from Rooftop Films on Vimeo.

Also at the Film Forum that might be of interest is the ByDesign program April 10-14, which always has cool films that explore the intersection of design and moving image. Filmmaker Roger Beebe is visiting and giving a Distressed Film Workshop on March 29th which sounds awesome, as well as screening a selection of his Multi-Projector Experiments (on 16MM) on March 28th that sound pretty unique.  If you want more 16MM, there is actually a program called Sweet 16 (Millimeter) on April 18th where they are screening rare 16mm films by Seattle filmmakers including our very own Webster Crowell.

And finally the Henry Art Gallery is throwing a party called the Arty Party on April 19th that will include a screening of the Best of the Fest of the Children’s Film Festival, which ran at the NW Film Forum in January. This selection includes a number of cool international shorts for kids from Germany, France, Russia, Norway, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Japan!

A very cool selection, and that’s only for March and April!

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