Feb 132015

Back in April 2013 we premiered our second collective film at Zeitgeist Coffee in Pioneer Square – this one was based on the 1960 Little Shop of Horrors! It’s finally made its way online. Enjoy this animated re-interpretation by, in order: Eric Ostrowski, Tess Martin, Charlie Daugherty, Timothy Firth, Tim Miller, Stefan Gruber & Aaron Wendel, Clyde Petersen and Salise Hughes.

The Little Shop of Animated Horrors from SEAT on Vimeo.

SEAT collective film screens in San Francisco on Friday!

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Jan 242015
Two stills from Exquisite Corpse (2012): ‘Man with Beard’ prompt interpreted by Salise Hughes and Clyde Petersen.

Two stills from Exquisite Corpse (2012): ‘Man with Beard’ prompt interpreted by Salise Hughes and Clyde Petersen.

Back in 2012 SEAT made its first collective film, a ‘Re-Animated’ Exquisite Corpse experiment which premiered at Zeitgeist Coffee at a Pioneer Square Art Walk event. This eight minute film was animated by Otto Bulut, Tess Martin, Eric Ostrowski, Stefan Gruber, Salise Hughes, Clyde Petersen and Webster Crowell. We’re so excited that it will screen in San Francisco at the Artists’ Television Access on Friday, January 31st. It will precede another Exquisite Corpse film led by experimental filmmaker Salise Hughes, who enlisted the talents of 12 other filmmakers from across the country. This one is called EXquisite Corpse Cinema: EX#3. Congratulations, Salise!

You can see the full 8 minute SEAT Re-Animation Exquisite Corpse on vimeo.


Sep 212013


Audrey 2: The Little Shop of Horrors Install at NWFF for Local Sightings

Audrey 2: The Little Shop of Horrors Install at NWFF for Local Sightings



The Seattle Experimental Animation Team presents Bloodbath & Beyond: The Little Shop of Animated Horrors. This SEAT collective film, based on the 1960 film The Little Shop of Horrors retells the classic tale of a plant that came from outer space and got a taste for blood.

For this collective film, SEAT split the original film into sections and approached the project in the classic style of the game “exquisite corpse.” Each animator took a 9 minute segment of the film and condensed it into 1 or 2 minutes of animation.

This film will be screening in an installation, in the lobby of the Film Forum, during opening night of Local Sightings. Do you dare to stick your head inside the Audrey 2 and enjoy the sights!?

Find out more about Local Sightings!

May 212013

The Seattle Experimental Animation Team invaded Portland last night with their Bloodbath & Beyond: The Little Shop of Animated Horrors. The event was held at Valentines, a lovely venue with high ceilings and outdoor tables. The animators set up three projections, one on the bar’s main window, and two on their big white walls, showing the SEAT collective film based on the 1960 film The Little Shop of Horrors as well as a reel of other animated clips from SEAT members.

It was a balmy evening and people mingled inside and outside. It was a great night, and a lovely anchor between the NW Animation Festival from last week, and the Experimental Film Festival this week. If you’re still in Portland, be sure to check out the EFF screenings, at least two SEAT members have films in them!




Apr 192013
Poster by Stefan Gruber

Poster by Stefan Gruber

The Seattle Experimental Animation Team is bringing their latest collective film and social screening to Portland! You may have attended the Seattle celebration on April 4th where we premiered The Little Shop of Animated Horrors, our latest collective film based on the 1960 film The Little Shop of Horrors.  Well, we’re happy to bring the show on the road to Portland as part of both the NW Animation Festival and the Experimental Film Festival:

Monday, May 20,2013 8:00PM FREE
SW Ankeny St, Portland, OR 97204

Starting from 8PM, Valentine’s will be sparkling with multiple projections on windows, walls and a Flying Cinema kite, displaying clips from recent animated shorts as well as a specially created collective film based on the 1960 film The Little Shop of Horrors: eight Seattle animators reinterpreted a segment of the movie to create an 11 minute ‘exquisite corpse’ style animated film. This event is free and open to the public and the Seattle Experimental Animation Team will be in attendance.

Email info@experimentalanimation.org for a full press release.


Apr 052013

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Blood Bath & Beyond event last night at Zeitgeist!
It was a lot of fun and it was great seeing the premiere of the Little Shop of Animated Horrors collective film.
We’re going to get a soundtrack made for it and put it up online asap, check back here for that.panoramic




Mar 282013


Turns out our friends at Interstitial Theatre are kicking off their Mobile Screen Tour on April 4th in Pioneer Square, the same evening as the SEAT Bloodbath & Beyond event at Zeitgeist. The Mobile Screen tour is a video gallery on wheels, where media work from 14 artists is showcased on a loop and accessible to the public.

The screen will be situated at TK Lofts (115 Prefontaine Pl S) from 5PM-8PM on Thursday, April 4th, as part of the Pioneer Square Art Walk. Check out Interstitial Theatre’s Kickstarter campaign they have going right now. After catching that, saunter over a few blocks to Zeitgeist Coffee (171 S Jackson St) where from 8PM onwards you’ll be able to catch the new SEAT collective film The Little Shop of Animated Horrors, playing on a loop on multiple screen on windows and walls along with other new animated work.

It’s going to be an epic Pioneer Square Art Walk!

Mar 272013

Bloodbath PosterV3_100dpi

Hello SEAT fans!
Our Seattle event, and the premiere of our collective film based on the 1960 film The Little Shop of Horrors is coming up fast! As a reminder, it’s Thursday, April 4th, 8PM at Zeitgeist Coffee in Pioneer Square.
We’ve already bought our three fancy collapsible projector stands, and are about to buy a nice digital projector for the event.
We hope you can make it to see it all come together!
Here is the Facebook event.

Mar 162013

Bloodbath PosterV3_100dpi

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Seattle Experimental Animation Team fundraising campaign! We reached our goal and then we reached our stretch goal of $2,000! We’ll be able to buy our three projectors stands as well as two pico projectors AND a regular size digital projector.

For those of you that picked a Quart of Blood perk or above, we’ll be getting your items in the mail ASAP.

And of course, we hope to see you at the April 4th event in Seattle (Zeitgeist, 8PM) or the May 20th event in Portland (Valentine’s) to say Thank you personally!

If you haven’t already, consider Liking the SEAT Facebook page to stay up to date with out events:


Thanks again!

Mar 032013

Two stills from Exquisite Corpse (2012): ‘Man with Beard’ prompt interpreted by Salise Hughes and Clyde Petersen.

Holy shamoly! We’ve received a rash of donations to our fundraising campaign in the last few hours, including those from Megan Gleason, Aileen Imperial, Kelly Froh, Naoki Mitsuse and Brandi Chase! We’re now sooo close to the half way point, at $740! That’s two projector stands and a half!

In the meantime, I thought I’d let animator Salise Hughes explain a little more about the concept of an ‘exquisite corpse’ collective film, to give you a better idea of what this Little Shop of Horrors animated film will look like:

“For those of you who don’t know, Exquisite Corpse is an invention of the early Surrealists, a parlor game created to generate randomly composed drawings with sometimes beautiful and always strange results. It’s also a form of collaboration, usually between three people, where all contributions are complete drawings in themselves, but the finished work something entirely different and unexpected. In the original game a piece of paper is folded in thirds with the bottom two sections folded under. The first artist makes a drawing on the upper portion usually with the drawing touching the bottom edge. The drawing is then turned under so only the middle section is visible, usually with a millimeter of the previous drawing showing giving the second artist the option of continuing that thread. The second artist makes their drawing and does the same, folding their drawing under so only the bottom section is now visible for the third artist. The paper is then unfolded exposing the finish drawing.

“This is the original structure of the game. The concept has been applied to other genres including film, but there’s no one way of translating the rules. I came up with a formula for film a few years ago and this is how it goes. A series of images are created that will start and end each film, and written down on slips of paper. For example one slip might say start with a barking dog, and end with a girl on a bike. Another might say start with a girl on a bike, and end with a man with a hat. There are slips for each filmmaker and they create a loop, all films will be connected front and back with an interpretation of the same image by another film. Outside of that each filmmaker can do what ever they want. The slips are drawn at random from a hat. To keep from being influenced the filmmakers are not allowed to tell the others what slip they pulled. The finished films are then matched to their corresponding images- the film that ends with the barking dog is placed next to the film that starts with the barking dog, and since that film ends with a girl on a bike the next film begins with a girl on a bike, etc…

This is how SEAT’s first exquisite corpse film was made. This year we complicated the formula by interpreting a film. We chose a film rooted in popular culture that happens to be in public domain- The 1960 version of The Little Shop of Horrors. For this project we divided the minutes of the original film by the number of filmmakers involved. Each filmmaker received the in and out points of their section by pulling slips from a hat. The rules from before apply, but in addition they must condense their section to ninety seconds, and try to convey the story without sound. This is a true experiment in exquisite corpse development and with the talented animators involved it can only be a spectacle of amazement.”

The photo at the top shows the ‘join’ between two sections in our first collective film. The image prompt for these two animators was ‘man with a beard’. The frame on the left is the final frame of Salise Hughes’ section, and the frame on the right is the first frame of Clyde Petersen’s section.