Mar 282013


Turns out our friends at Interstitial Theatre are kicking off their Mobile Screen Tour on April 4th in Pioneer Square, the same evening as the SEAT Bloodbath & Beyond event at Zeitgeist. The Mobile Screen tour is a video gallery on wheels, where media work from 14 artists is showcased on a loop and accessible to the public.

The screen will be situated at TK Lofts (115 Prefontaine Pl S) from 5PM-8PM on Thursday, April 4th, as part of the Pioneer Square Art Walk. Check out Interstitial Theatre’s Kickstarter campaign they have going right now. After catching that, saunter over a few blocks to Zeitgeist Coffee (171 S Jackson St) where from 8PM onwards you’ll be able to catch the new SEAT collective film The Little Shop of Animated Horrors, playing on a loop on multiple screen on windows and walls along with other new animated work.

It’s going to be an epic Pioneer Square Art Walk!

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