WALLRUS – Live Animation event on Local Sightings calendar!

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Sep 212011

The Live Animation by SEAT event on Oct 1 & 2 is up on the Local Sightings calendar! It’s free and will happen in Cal Anderson Park, near the fountain and the 10th & Denny entrance. Come on by!

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SEAT at Local Sightings

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Sep 272010

A slew of SEAT animators have pieces in this year’s Local Sightings Film Festival, a showcase of work from the Northwest organized and held at the NW Film Forum here in Seattle. It runs from Oct 1-6, and the most animation is in the ‘Drawn to Moving’ program on October 2nd at 7PM. Here are the films by SEAT filmmakers:


Drawn To Moving

A Program of Animated Short Films

Gentle Giants

(Clyde Petersen, Seattle, 2010, 1 min) The Brontosaurus family enjoys lunch with the Stegosaurus and prehistoric moths.

The Man Who Shot the Man Who Shot Lincoln

(Drew Christie, Seattle, 2010, 5 min) An animated interpretation of the strange life of Boston Corbett.

Crashing Waves

(Britta Johnson, Seattle, 2010, 7 min) Castaways perform strange tasks on a deserted shore.  Are they gods, or have they been driven mad by their predicament?

Celluloid Heroes Never Really Die

(Salise Hughes, Seattle, 2010, 6 min) What a celluloid hell might be like…but celluloid heroes never feel any pain.

I’m sad to say I’ll be out of town for this but I am super excited to see The Man Who Shot the Man Who Shot Lincoln eventually.

There are also two of Clyde’s Petersen’s works in the music video program on October 3:


Backyard Music

A Program of Music Videos

Belly of June

(Clyde Peterson, Seattle, 2010, 4 min) Mixing a sweet live performance by Horse Feathers with stop motion bees, honey is everywhere.

Laizzes Les Bon Temps Rouller

(Clyde Peterson, Seattle, 2010, 4 min) A film of titanic proportions, animated paint on an Ikea-dresser constructs a multi-plane, music video for Northwest rockers Quasi.

Join us in celebrating the growing animation community in Seattle!

-Tess Martin