Nov 092011

Tess Martin directs actor DK Pan as fellow animators wait their turn

For those of you that stopped by the animator’s wall (Wallrus) the weekend of Oct 1 & 2, you may have noticed a bunch of crazy people animating giant murals. The story, about a whale being freed from fishing nets, is part of Tess Martin’s film about animal-human relationships. I still need to reshoot some scenes, so the segment is not completed yet, but you will be able to see the work-in-progress, starring actor/artist DK Pan, at the Capitol Hill Art Walk this Thursday, 5:30PM-8:30PM (at the Green Door studio, 1520 11th Ave, above Purr). Come by and check it out!

Note I will only be there until 8:30PM, so if you want to catch it, come early.

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