Exquisite Corpse: 2012 Re-Animated

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Mar 112012

The Seattle Experimental Animation Team hosted an amazing screening on March 1st at Zeitgeist Coffee to premier this group film. Originally created for the event as part of the March 2012 Seattle Art Walk, this film was animated by Otto Bulut, Tess Martin, Eric Ostrowski, Stefan Gruber, Salise Hughes, Clyde Petersen and Webster Crowell. Each animator selected a slip of a paper from a hat, designating the start and end images of their segment of the piece. From there, they had one month to animate a short film. They were then compiled and projected at Art Walk. Music has been added to this online version, though the original version is silent. Music is “The School for Scandal” by Samuel Barber. Performed by the Garfield High School Orchestra in 1997.

Studio Art Walk tonight & Exquisite Corpse work-in-progress

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Feb 082012

My animation stand with sand on it

I hope to see some of you at the Capitol Hill Art Walk tonight! My studio will be open to the public from 5ish-9ish. Look for ‘Green Door Studio’ or ‘Local 1520’ on the Blitz Art Walk map (we’re in the same hallway as them). The address is 1520 11th Ave, above Purr.

I’ve been working on a sand animation, an ‘Exquisite Corpse’ piece for a big animation event on March 1st called Re-Animated. It, along with six other shorts from Seattle animators, will form a collective film that premieres that night.

Come see what it is and how it works. In the meantime, here is a still and a little video to get you salivating. And participating animators! Don’t worry, none of the images you see here are the first or last ‘prompts’ I pulled out of the hat. These will remain safely secret until the event! –Tess Martin



Plain Face now online

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Feb 032012

Still from Plain Face (2011)


I’m happy to announce that Plain Face (10:42, dir. Tess Martin, 2011) is now online! You can watch it in full below or here. It will also be up on the e4c screens for a full year! Below is a picture from the launch last night.


Plain Face on the e4c screens, at 4Culture



Plain Face at 4Culture – First Thursday Art Walk, Feb 2

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Jan 142012


Still from Plain Face (2011)

Starting February 2nd you’ll be able to see Plain Face, Tess Martin’s animated short that premiered at SIFF in May, on the big beautiful monitors of 4Culture’s media gallery, e4C. A reception at 4Culture will mark the launch on February 2nd, and is part of Pioneer Square’s First Thursday Art Walk. Stay tuned for more details about this event, but in the meantime, mark your calendars! Plain Face will be screening on the monitors (on rotation with others artists’ work) for a full year! Check out this video about e4C where Tess talks about one of her previous pieces, A Moment’s Reverie, that was on there from 2009 to 2010:


Whale Story nearing completion

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Jan 022012

From Tess Martin: Check out these snapshots of my animation stand today – the waves are part of the credits for the film I’m working on, The Whale Story. It’s almost finished and I’ll be screening what I have at the Capitol Hill Art Walk on January 12th. More on that soon. The bulk of this film was shot with the help of SEAT in Cal Anderson Park as part of the Wallrus project.

Whale Story continues in Cal Anderson Park

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Dec 082011


Tess Martin freeing the whale, one frame at a time

Thanks to DK Pan for taking these shots!

Work continues on the SEAT wall as animator Tess Martin shoots some close-ups scenes for her project the Whale Story.
Actor (performer/curator/free man) DK Pan took these shots in between posing for close-ups. In this scene the fisherman is cutting the line that will unravel the tangle of nets.

Animation continues on Whale Story

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Dec 062011

New painting - close-up of the whale's eye

The sign identifying Tess' live animation project

Animator Tess Martin today spent time at the Wallrus wall (the portion of the Sound Transit red wall assigned to SEAT) and animated a short close-up shot for her current project The Whale Story. This is a segment of a larger film and tells the story of a whale being freed from fishing nets. If you’re curious, pass by the wall (in Seattle’s Cal Anderson Park near the cone fountain) Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon for more live animation.