Oct 242011

Tess Martin’s travel blog:

I arrived in Berlin on Friday, and stayed at an acquaintance’s lovely flat in Kreuzberg, near Oranienplatz – a very busy street filled with cafes, middle eastern restaurants, and fruit stalls – and a popular street for protests – there were two large marches in the three days I was there. My hosts took me out to an art walk of sorts in the Hermannstrasse neighbourhood, and I spent one whole day walking around and learning the layout of the city. Berlin seems very big, with wider streets and sidewalks than most European cities. But still quite…gritty. Lots of graffiti, no elevators, and old fashioned stamping machines to ‘validate’ your subway ticket before boarding. But definitely a lot of art happening, and lots of international people.

The Lichtblick Kino is a funky 36 seat cinema in the Rosenthaler area in North Berlin – the same day as my screening they were showing Wings of Desire (Der Himmel uder Berlin), and a French Inspector Lavardin mystery. Despite all the cute fliers and posters advertising the Inter-Action screening (animations from Seattle), unfortunately, not many people attended – must have been the Sunday 10PM start time and the cold night.

But it was still a wonderful experience – thank you to Heinz and Hedda for making my stay much more enjoyable!

Leaving Amsterdam - not the most recognizable skyline, but in this picture you can see the horseshoe-shaped canals

Inside the Kunsthaus Tacheles - a large bulding filled with artists studios since 1990

Lichtblick Kino

Fliers for the Inter-Action short film program

Inter-Action poster


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