Aug 082012

Thank you to everyone who came out to the reception and lecture last Friday, celebrating the opening of the first Seattle Experimental Animation Team gallery show, Stop-Framing Me. Here are a few photos of the show to get your juices flowing, but they really don’t do justice to the exhibit, so you should come see it in person! The Steele gallery is on the third floor of the Gage Academy (1501 10th Avenue E) and is open Monday to Friday 10AM to 6PM.

Book by Drew Christie, used in the animated short ‘The Man Who Shot The Man Who Shot Lincoln’

Cut-outs by Tess Martin, used in the animated short ‘Plain Face’

Projection showing Webster Crowell’s animated short ‘Parasol’, and one of Webster’s kite installations, showing an excerpt of Davis Limbach’s animated short ‘Loopforms’

Three parasols by Webster Crowell, used in the making of the animated short ‘Parasol’


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