Dec 242013

The Strange Creatures program, which features 10 animated short films from members of the Seattle Experimental Animation Team, was listed on the Seattle Weekly’s Best of 2013:

“Loosely concerning the interaction between humans and animals, Strange Creatures offered a charming collection of local independent animation from S.E.A.T. (the Seattle Experimental Animation Team) at Northwest Film Forum in August. Watching hilarious shorts about beer-guzzling and weed-smoking (drawn frame by frame by Clyde Petersen), Tess Martin’s marker-on-glass animation about cats, and Drew Christie’s tradigitally animated philosophical dialogues between humans and whales made me swell with pride about the state of Seattle animation.”

Thanks Kelton Sears! What a nice holiday gift!

Dec 092013


Catch six films by SEAT animators at this year’s Children’s Film Festival at the NW Film Forum, Jan 23-Feb 2, 2014.

The Whale Story by Tess Martin

The Whale Story by Tess Martin

The ‘Paint Me A Story‘ program on Jan 25, 31 and Feb 1 will feature Stefan Gruber‘s excellent Edible Rocks and Tess Martin‘s The Whale Story (as well as the mind blowing Noodle Fish by Kim Jin Man from South Korea. All three of these I know can definitely be enjoyed by adults as well as children, more reason to attend!)

The ‘Earthwise‘ program on Jan 25 and Feb 2 will feature Drew Christie‘s excellent Song of the Spindle as well as Tess Martin‘s A Walk in the Woods.

Edible Rocks by Stefan Gruber

Edible Rocks by Stefan Gruber

The ‘Take Wing‘ program on Jan 26 and Feb 2 will feature Tess Martin‘s Snowball, previously seen in Seattle at the Short Run Small Press Fest.

The ‘Talk to the Animals‘ program on Jan 31 and Feb 1 will feature Tess Martin‘s sand animation Hula Hoop (alongside the excellent Hungarian short Rabbit and Deer by Peter Vacz which comes highly recommended).


Song of the Spindle by Drew Christie

Song of the Spindle by Drew Christie

Also make sure to catch the special Lotte Reiniger animated silhouette films playing with a live score on opening night!

Sep 212013


Audrey 2: The Little Shop of Horrors Install at NWFF for Local Sightings

Audrey 2: The Little Shop of Horrors Install at NWFF for Local Sightings



The Seattle Experimental Animation Team presents Bloodbath & Beyond: The Little Shop of Animated Horrors. This SEAT collective film, based on the 1960 film The Little Shop of Horrors retells the classic tale of a plant that came from outer space and got a taste for blood.

For this collective film, SEAT split the original film into sections and approached the project in the classic style of the game “exquisite corpse.” Each animator took a 9 minute segment of the film and condensed it into 1 or 2 minutes of animation.

This film will be screening in an installation, in the lobby of the Film Forum, during opening night of Local Sightings. Do you dare to stick your head inside the Audrey 2 and enjoy the sights!?

Find out more about Local Sightings!

Aug 042013

Thank you to everyone who came to yesterday’s screening of Strange Creatures: Contemporary Independent Animation from Seattle. There were a lot of people, laughter and warm fuzzy feelings. Thank you for supporting your local indie animation community! If you have an idea of where the program could screen next, get in touch! Email tess [@]

Britta Johnson and Tess Martin answering questions. Photo by Michael Wallenfels

Britta Johnson and Tess Martin answering questions. Photo by Michael Wallenfels

Aug 032013

Seattle Weekly preview article

Kelton Sears from the Seattle Weekly wrote up a nice piece about the Strange Creatures screening today (4PM, NWFF), where he talks a little about the history of SEAT as a group and Seattle’s animation scene compared to other cities':

“SEAT is one of the main reasons those animators have found such a cohesive community in Seattle. In 2002, animator Stefan Gruber, who teaches animation at The Nova Project, assembled animators in the city to create SEAT, which started out as a sort of workshop that would meet in cafes. For animators who spend most their time locked away making characters bop around frame by frame, SEAT was a chance to meet up and talk shop.”

Thanks Kelton!
And we hope to see you this afternoon at 4PM at the NW Film Forum!


Aug 022013

8_1_2013_CityArts1_croppedTony Kay from CityArts interviewed curator Tess Martin a few weeks ago about the Strange Creatures screening tomorrow, and he wrote up a nice preview piece about it, with a bit about Tess as well:

“Martin’s animation style—characterized by thoughtful, organic beauty and a usage of everything from paper cutouts to marker sketches on glass to fine lines of sand—owes more to the adventuresome spirit of conceptual art than the massive assembly lines of Pixar and Disney.”

Thanks Tony!

Have you bought your tickets yet for the Strange Creatures screening? Click here to do so, and here is the Facebook event as well.

Jul 292013

Tess Martin was invited to write a guest blog post for Blog 4Culture, about the Strange Creatures program she curated that is screening on August 3rd. Most of the artists in the program have been fortunate to receive 4Culture support over the years, for which they are all grateful! Read it here to learn more about why these 10 shorts are so special.

Also the excellent Beacon Hill Blog wrote up a nice preview of the program, pointing out that yes, the best-known artist in the show is undoubtedly Bruce Bickford, who is well known for the claymations he made with Frank Zappa, and who has a documentary made about him. We are so happy to be showing a beautiful five minute excerpt from one of his ongoing pencil animations, with a custom made soundtrack.

Have you bought your tickets yet?


Blog 4Culture post


Beacon Hill Blog post


Jul 282013

Here are two more protraits you’ll find in the custom zine program when you attend the Strange Creatures screening on August 3rd, made by the talented Kelly Froh. These are of animator Stefan Gruber and Bruce Bickford.

Bruce Bickford by Kelly Froh

Stefan Gurber by Kelly Froh

Stefan Gurber by Kelly Froh












Also, here are some stills from the films, showing all the strange creatures you’ll see!



Into The Desert

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Jul 252013

On August 15th SEAT member Joe Garber will be celebrating the release of his graphic novel Canyonlands with a desert-themed group art show!

Please come and check out how the desert inspires local artists of all walks.

Check out the comic here: